Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hair Care

When it comes to hair, as much as I'd like to I don't have the time or money to really put a lot of effort into it,  hence why I use only a select few products in caring and styling. Of course not everything I use will be included in this post - I will talk about those in other, hair-style specific posts - but the main products I use for a lazy, Vickie standard hair style are shown above. Now allow me to talk you through them.

1. Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo & conditioner (2 for £6 at Superdrug)
I absolutely swear by this stuff. I can probably say that Aussie was the first haircare brand I became absolutely obsessed with at the age of 13, mainly because of how beautiful all of their products smell, added to the fact that I had just started to dye my hair. I wash my hair on average 2-3 times a week and use both of these products. However, I am thinking of changing my shampoo and conditioner relatively soon... (no fault of Aussie's, just to mix things up a little!)

2. L'oreal Paris Studio Hot Straight Cream (£3.55 at Superdrug)
This is something I always apply when blowdrying my hair. As my hair is very thick, wavy and frizzy this really helps to calm it down. I use a pea sized dollop, rub it into the palms of my hands and just quickly run them through wet hair. I only blowdry my hair until it is damp, not dry.

3. L'oreal Paris Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray (£3.55 at Superdrug)
After I've dried my hair until it is damp and without brushing it I simply spray this evenly through out my hair, scrunch it, sort out any tangled fly aways just using my fingers and then leave my hair to dry. This creates an effortless waved look to my hair which I absolutely adore. It is so low maintenance which is a God send for someone like me who can't really leave the house without doing something to my hair because of how wild and messy it is!

4. KTC Almond Oil (£1.49 at Superdrug)
This is a very recent addition to my haircare routine. I've started to use this twice a week, and apply a small amount through the ends of my hair before going to sleep. On washing out in the morning it leaves my hair soft and shiny. The only downside to this as far as treatments go is that it doesn't have a smell to it, being the sort of person who is absolutely obsessed with lovely smelling things this was a bit of a bummer! However, at that tiny price I could not resist buying this multi purpose product (it can also be used on dry skin) and it will definitely be staying with me.

After doing this post I realised that most of my products are purchased from Superdrug! I'm sure you can get all of these items in other places such as Boots, Bodycare, your local Supermarket and of course online, but I like to do all of my shopping in one place as best as I can. 

What are your favourite drugstore branded hair products?


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