Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Curly Wurly - The Review

Above is a photo (as best as I could get it so I sincerely apologise!) of my hair. It's stupidly thick, curly and it snaps when I brush it which is really devastating. It's hard to tame, hard to style and just generally gets on my nerves! I'm currently using Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner which provides it with a lovely amount of moisture, however I figured it was time to try something specifically designed for hair exactly like mine. 

Lush's Curly Wurly shampoo is what I decided to try.

Being a mostly unemployed student there was no way I could just splash out almost £10 without even trying the product first, so I went into my local Lush store and one of the very understanding supervisors (a little sad that I know who in that shop is a supervisor and who isn't!) totally understood my point and filled up this little tub for my to take home and try (around 2 uses worth). I was already in love with the enticing coconut smell as I have been hankering after this shampoo for SUCH a long time so naturally I couldn't wait to get it home so I could try it out.

I really wasn't disappointed. Curly Wurly doesn't lather up much (unless I didn't use enough) which I found incredibly odd and so I wasn't sure whether the product was going to work very well, but I still adored the scent and loved the huge coconut chunks that are in it. After rinsing I followed this up by applying some intense conditioner onto just the ends of my hair (partially because they're very dry but mostly because I seriously did not want to mask over the lovely smell of Curly Wurly!) and then went about the rest of my bathing i.e facemasking, exfoliating and washing. 

L to R: Sugarscrub, Porridge soap, Mask of Magnaminty. All purchased from Lush
As wary as I had previously been about Curly Wurly and it's apparent inability to lather up, after blowdrying I was so pleased with the results. My hair was soft, volumised and very easy to manage. Hours and hours later as I write this post I can still smell the coconut in my hair and I feel a little like a hoola girl. As Curly Wurly is specifically designed for, yeah you guessed it, curly, unmanageable hair with a tendency to snap and break it certainly lives up to it's expectations. 

I still really can't afford to buy this for myself as I simply don't have the money to which is incredibly disappointing (I also wanted to buy the American Cream conditioner as I was told these work really well together) but I will continue to pour over and sniff around this product every time I enter the Lush store in Manchester Arndale.

Have you tried any of the Lush shampoos?

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