Sunday, 14 July 2013

A little move!

This post is going to be a little abrupt, and for that I apologise.

I will be moving my blog here for a number of reasons but trust me, it's all for the best! I'm broadening my blog to include beauty, fashion, lifestyle, rants  - you name it, I'll be including it! There will be a lot of exciting new stuff for you, especially once the HTML has finished. I'll be hosting monthly guest posts (provided I get people interesting in guest posting!), OOTDs, monthly weightloss updates alongside all of the other beauty and fashion posts.

More information will follow over the course of tonight and tomorrow to keep a look out please!

Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm sorry!

So I have a couple of things to apologise for, some interesting bits to tell you about and just general tid bits to ramble about so I'm just going to combine them all into one very jumbled post.

Firstly I must apologise for the totally random, poor quality photo. I just didn't have a photo to go alongside an "I'm sorry" post and hate to post things without photos.

I also must apologise for being so unavailable and inactive. I have been a very, very poorly miss and without going too far into detail it keeps clearing up and coming back and all that jazz. If it isn't clear in a few days I have to take a trip to the emergency room or whatever people call it, so that should be fun! (Detect sarcasm!)

OKAY. Onto chitchat. IT'S SUMMER! However, I am far from summer ready and as I have had my casper-the-ghost-esque legs out quite a lot I figured I should probably pop some colour on them. I've bought the Dove gradual tan stuff which I haven't actually started using yet (blame the illness. Also blame the illness for me missing out on a fantastic event thrown in Manchester by Neal's Yard Remedies (check them out, my current loves!) and making me very sad) but will be reviewing in the next couple of weeks. 

Monster's University is also FINALLY OUT - it came out today in the UK but unfortunately my lovely boyfriend was working the night shift so we couldn't go to see it :( however we're going next week for a lovely Nando's and cinema date which I am very much looking forward to. 

Last but not least, I lost 3lbs! Little by little, I guess, but of course still incredibly pleased. Just need to keep it up!

Again I am so sorry, I'm sorry for this messy ramble of a post and I'm sorry for getting ill and abandoning all of you but thank you all so much for continuing to view my blog despite me not even tweeting or posting anywhere!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Recent Purchases

As I'm sure I have said many, many times, I have a knack for spending too much money. This weekend has been absolutely no exception to this rule! However, for once, (most of) the items bought were needed. Summer makeup must haves, brighter lip and nail shades, lovely, summery, pink blusher... things every girl needs, right? 

I am a real big fan of MUA. You really can't complain about the quality of their products, especially considering the budget prices. Recently I've bought two of their lipsticks in shade 16, nectar, a lovely coral shade which is just perfect for summer, and shade 14, bare, a gorgeous pale nude colour that avoids giving you the whole 'foundation lips' look. At £1 these are absolutely fantastic, they're very well pigmented and feel really creamy and moisturising on the lips. I also got my hands on three of their nail varnishes in Ameretto Crush (coral), Bold Blue and Deepest Purple. Again at £1 a pop and currently 3 for 2 at Superdrug, there is no complaining. I'm get to try any MUA nail varnishes but keep your eyes thoroughly peeled for reviews! Last but not least out of the MUA bundle I grabbed their loose matte perfect powder in translucent for just £2.50. I tend to get really shiny in the summer as I'm sure many do and this claims to have "shine control" - exactly what I need!

The Garnier products I bought are repurchases, but I can still rave on about how great they are. Both of these items, the make up remover and the refreshing toner were just £1.99 each from Bodycare, my go to place for beauty items (as you can probably tell, I love a good bargain!). The toner is a really good pick me up for both normal and combination skin - I myself am a combination girl and I absolutely love the stuff. It smells fresh and feels great, and I find I can make a bottle last me for at least a month even after toning twice a day. The make up remover really does exactly like it says on the tin, however do be careful that you don't smudge your mascara all over your face as I find this can happen with this budget make up remover. That very tiny negative aside it's still absolutely perfect especially for a budget product.

Before I start here, yes I'm one of those girls. A self confessed candle lover. So when I saw that Clinton's were having a 25% off sale on all Yankee candles and reed diffusers, I made a beeline. I'm so in love with Yankee candles but they do tend to be a little out of my price range, so I made the most of this offer (which unfortunately ends today). I picked up a large jar of Strawberry Buttercream for £14.99 and sample versions of Soft Blanket, Summer Scoop and Lake Sunset for £1.35 each.

As well as everything above (this list feels never ending!), I got myself again the Supercat eyeliner pen from Soap & Glory in Carbon Black for £6 at Boots. In addition to this I picked up two more of the Barry M Hi Shine Gelly varnishes in Passion Fruit (seen on my nails) and Mango. I also have the shade Green Berry. I'm really undecided on these yet - I absolutely adore the colours but have a love/hate relationship with the formula. These were £3.99 each from Boots or buy one and get the second half price, which is exactly what I did. In much need of a good but low priced blusher I snapped up Natural Collection's blusher in Pink Cloud for £1.99. I don't buy any other products from Natural Collection but this blusher feels really pigmented, soft and has a very attractive price tag. In addition to eeeeeeverything else, I grabbed Lush Cosmetics' Solid Perfume in Karma for £5. This has such a gorgeous scent and is perfect for summer. 

So that's everything! After spending a frightening amount of money it would be very rude to not fully review most of these products so be on the look out for those. However I do think it is worth mentioning that I will be moving shop in the next couple of weeks I think - buying a domain and totally revamping my blog. I will be posting about that as and when it happens and I will be leaving this blog open instead of transferring all of my posts, this is just a heads up!