Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm sorry!

So I have a couple of things to apologise for, some interesting bits to tell you about and just general tid bits to ramble about so I'm just going to combine them all into one very jumbled post.

Firstly I must apologise for the totally random, poor quality photo. I just didn't have a photo to go alongside an "I'm sorry" post and hate to post things without photos.

I also must apologise for being so unavailable and inactive. I have been a very, very poorly miss and without going too far into detail it keeps clearing up and coming back and all that jazz. If it isn't clear in a few days I have to take a trip to the emergency room or whatever people call it, so that should be fun! (Detect sarcasm!)

OKAY. Onto chitchat. IT'S SUMMER! However, I am far from summer ready and as I have had my casper-the-ghost-esque legs out quite a lot I figured I should probably pop some colour on them. I've bought the Dove gradual tan stuff which I haven't actually started using yet (blame the illness. Also blame the illness for me missing out on a fantastic event thrown in Manchester by Neal's Yard Remedies (check them out, my current loves!) and making me very sad) but will be reviewing in the next couple of weeks. 

Monster's University is also FINALLY OUT - it came out today in the UK but unfortunately my lovely boyfriend was working the night shift so we couldn't go to see it :( however we're going next week for a lovely Nando's and cinema date which I am very much looking forward to. 

Last but not least, I lost 3lbs! Little by little, I guess, but of course still incredibly pleased. Just need to keep it up!

Again I am so sorry, I'm sorry for this messy ramble of a post and I'm sorry for getting ill and abandoning all of you but thank you all so much for continuing to view my blog despite me not even tweeting or posting anywhere!

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