Sunday, 23 June 2013

ASOS purchase!

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Pretty recently I decided it was time for me to lose weight. At 5ft 8 and a UK size 14 and occasionally or at certain places a size 16, I wouldn't say I was fat but I'm certainly one of the bigger girls. I don't mind my figure and I'm not all into the body hate thing, but I figured it was about time I got my ass (literally) into shape.
After noticing me spend hours and hours trawling through dresses online, my lovely boyfriend decided he'd buy me my favourite dress out of all the ones I'd looked at in the size I want to drop down to, as sort of a motivation for me. It's safe to say I was beyond chuffed!
I originally wanted to buy this in the navy shade in a size 12, however I was disappointed to find that they were out of stock. However, this sort of worked out well for me, mainly because my wardrobe is absolutely full of dark greys, navys and greens (and of course black) it was about time I brought some colour into it. So, after some debate, Ryan ordered me the coral shade and I anxiously awaited its arrival.

I am so pleased with this, and for £20 I'm not complaining (although I didn't pay!). I really love the dresses from ASOS, and you can find some great dresses at reasonable prices, as well as great dresses for big prices!
So in love with this summery shade, however I am wondering what would compliment it well. Heels, flats, colours.
What do you suggest would look nice with this dress?

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