Thursday, 4 July 2013

Manchester #1

Yesterday I went to Manchester with a couple of my dearest friends. We went around the Northern Quarter handing around CVs to our favourite bars and cafes - after deciding to take a gap year to decide fully what I want to and to save up a bit more money finding a job or perhaps two part time ones is crucial! - had an unavoidable look around Boots on Market Street and then went for lunch and a much needed teapig at my favourite and most visited little cafe for the past 4 years Nexus. I didn't make any notable purchases or do anything really exciting but it's so nice to get the chance to catch up with friends and I am absolutely in love with my city.

Above: my wonderful friend Kerrianne because attractive as per ;)

Have any of you ever visited Manchester or even live there? It would be amazing to meet more people and find bloggers I love that are local to me. If any of you are planning on visiting Manchester I highly recommend a trip to Nexus art cafe, it's such a lovely place, the staff are wonderful and of course the food is to die for!

All in all I had a fantastic day out. What's your favourite city?

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