Tuesday, 18 June 2013


For a long time, starting my own blog has been high on my list of things to do, yet it has always been put to
one side. Whether that has been to do with college or the fact that initially I had no idea exactly what it was I wanted to post about I have no idea, but all I did was keep putting it off.
Finally I had enough as it occurred to me that I have so much spare time on my hands but do nothing productive with it. That, along side the baskets and baskets of beauty products and some encouragement from my good friend Fiona (northwesternbeauty) resulted in this post on this blog.
Infact, Fiona was the person who initially got me so into beauty products. Throughout my earlier teenage years she would frequently drag me to Selfridges and boots over the weekend to pour over the many makeup stands and counters, particularly benefit and Nars. As well as this she'd make me up like her little doll. Since this I have gradually gotten more and more into beauty and taking care of myself.
After a few months of watching Fiona's blog progress and reading up on some of my favourite and also the more prestigious beauty blogs I took the plunge.
On here I will be posting honest reviews of any products I buy, any samples I pick up or anything I may or may not get sent to me, things about my own beauty routines and snippets from my not-so-glamorous lifestyle. Wish me luck!

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